Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Current Obsession: Coconut Water

Normally I only drink water but lately I've been really into trying different brands of coconut water. So far I've tried Goya, Faraon and Sprouts (a local farmer's market type grocery store only available in CA, AZ, CO and TX). I really like the Goya and Faraon ones cuz they have pulp. However, they also have sugar added, which means more calories. I've also tried another brand years ago (maybe Zico?) but I drank it un-chilled and it was disgusting! The key to coconut water is that it HAS to be chilled or else it will taste horrible.

Coconut water is considered nature's soft drink and claims to have many health benefits like: clears acne, increases metabolism, boosts immune system, rehydrates body (is isotonic), etc. I've only started drinking it so I will try out this little experiment and let you know if I feel any different.
Supposedly juice straight from a young coconut is the best but I haven't been ambitious enough to try yet. What are some of your favorite brands of coconut water?


  1. Try Zico! It's by far the best! And chocolate Zico is delicious

  2. My sister is in love with Vita Coco. I duno about sugars in it or anything. but she says it tastes great.

  3. I love Vita Coco! I do Mark too :)
    I tried following but the button isnt showing and thanks so much for following my blog

    I really appreciate it

  4. I tried the coconut water with the pulp and didn't like it, do you know of any without pulp?
    Also, thanks so much for following my blog :)

  5. I love using coconut oil on my hair for a treatment, but never thought to drink coconut water. If it's good for your hair it's gotta be good for your body! lol. The Zico brand, you think health food store has that?...and thank you so much for following my bloggy. Love yours!