Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blistex Review

Blistex is my favorite chapstick brand and I have been using it every single day for years. I always keep a chapstick in every room of the house and in my purse. Here is a review of the products I've tried in the order of favorite to least favorite.

Medicated Lip Balm
I always have this one with me.
Texture: Not too hard and not too soft
Consistency: Glides on and stays on
Scent: Minty/Medicated, not bad

Complete Moisture
I like this one a lot too.
Texture: A little on the soft side
Consistency: Glides on easily
Scent: Fresh

Silk & Shine
Gives lips a slight shine.
Texture: Hard
Consistency: Feels thin
Scent: Nice

Medicated Mint Lip Balm
I like the minty flavor
Texture: A little on the hard side
Consistency: Regular
Scent: Mint

Raspberry Lemonade Blast
I thought I'd like the flavor but it's annoying to smell it all day
Texture: Hard
Consistency: Regular
Scent: Very strong raspberry lemonade

Medicated Lip Ointment
I don't like the medicated smell
Texture: Very soft, almost liquidy
Consistency: Too thin, doesn't stay on
Scent: Very medicated

Lip Fusion Moisture Splash
Makes lips look oily
Texture: Oil
Consistency: Very thin and does not stay on
Scent: Nice

Fruit Smoothies
These are my least favorite. They have a weird smell.
Texture: Very hard
Consistency: Hard to put on
Scent: Gross

Overall, Blistex makes great chapsticks and I would recommend any of these (esp. the top 4) for chapped lips. I probably wouldn't recommend the Fruit Smoothies but different people might perceive the flavor differently. The medicated ones are great for severely chapped lips or if you're going to be in severe weather conditions. It's important to wear chapstick every single day, and to choose one with SPF. Lips don't tan, they burn! 


  1. I really like the raspberry lemonade blast, it smells and tastes good!

  2. Great review, I have never tried Blistex before I always use Carmex.