Sunday, August 29, 2010

Louis Vuitton Wish List

Damier Ebene Canvas Speedy 30
I really want a Damier Canvas Speedy 30 but I can't decide between the Ebene and the Azur!!! The Azur is cuter for summertime but the Ebene is cute all the time!

Damier Azur Canvas Speedy 30
I also really like the Damier Azur Berkeley but I saw someone carrying one the other day and it looked kinda looks nice in the pic tho.
Damier Azur Berkeley

Monogram Vernis Zippy Wallet in Rouge Fauvaite

I love this Monogram Vernis Zippy Wallet!! It's soo cute and roomy. I hate small folding wallets because I have to lay my money out straight! OCD!

Monogram Multicolore Eugenie Wallet in Litchi

Monogram Multicolore Speedy 30

Grand Total = $6,900
I also love this Monogram Multicolore Eugenie Wallet. The white Monogram Multicolore is still one of my favs!

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